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Pre-Employment Drug Testing
Onsite Drug Testing for Employers
Lab Testing - No Doctor Orders Required
Background Checks
COVID-19 Testing

Onsite Primary Care - Family Nurse Practitioner
Now Accepting New Patients
Most Major Insurance Accepted
Affordable Cash-Pay Options


- Pre-Employment and Random Drug Screenings
- Drug Screenings for Individuals
- Drug Screenings for Work Related Injuries and/or Accidents - On-Site Testing
- Hair Follicle or Nail (Court Submissible)
- DNA Testing
- Paternity Testing
- Gender Reveal Testing
- Court Ordered Drug Testing
- Consortium for Employers

Primary Care Provider Services with an onsite Family Practice Nurse Practitioner (APRN)
- Accepting New Patients
- Accepting Most Major Insurance Plans
- Offering Affordable Cash-Pay Options
- Offer Telehealth Visit(s)
- Offer House Call Visit(s) 

Our onsite APRN is able to provide treatment for Acute and/or Chronic Health Conditions such as:
- High Blood Pressure Management
- High Cholesterol Management
- Diabetes Management
- COPD/Emphysema Management
- Medication Refills
- Urinary Tract Infections
- Upper Respiratory Illnesses
- Stomach Issues
- Provide Referrals

Pre-Employment, Random, Court Ordered, and/or Individual Drug Test(s)

AR Journey Lab, LLC is a preferred Quest Diagnostic facility. We are able to send labs to LabCorp and Access Labs upon request. ​​ ​​Our goal is to help Employers implement a drug-free work zone. 

Many Employers have a Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy prior to employment of a new hire; however, that is only part of the screening process. An ongoing, Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Program is recommended to help protect current employees as well as the business owner(s).  AR Journey Lab, LLC will work with Employers to determine the most appropriate frequency as our team can provide Employers the tools needed to ensure current employees remain in a safe work environment.
Drug testing by urine, blood draws, DOT/non-DOT, hair follicle, fingernail testing and so much more.  Urine testing can provide instant results (same day).

* We offer competitive pricing

* Discounts available to Schools & Employers
~ Call us today for more details ~


Background Check(s) & Verification(s)

Our team at AR Journey Labs, LLC understands how important Employers depend on Background Check(s) & Verification(s) for information on potential new hire(s).
We are able to provide Employers the necessary information to assist in keeping the work environment safe for all. 

- National Criminal Status
- Employment Verification
- Education Verification
- Federal Criminal Records
- Federal Bankruptcy Search
- Sex Offender Registry
- Fraud Abuse Information System (FACIS)
- Adult Registry Search and others.

* Background Check(s) & Verification(s) options are available based on the Employer individual need(s).
~ Call us today for pricing and available options ~


Lab Test(s)

Our team at AR Journey Lab, LLC offers lab testing for all of our clients.  Whether you have a doctor's order or no doctor's order.  We will do any lab in which you want performed. 

- Lab Request(s) WITH a Physician or APRN/PA Order, results will be sent directly to your Primary Care Provider (PCP) within 48-72 hours. Insurance will be billed. *

* Physician or APRN/PA Lab result(s) reporting can be delayed dependent upon the type of lab(s) ordered.

- Individual Lab Request(s) WITHOUT a Physician or APRN/PA Order, results will be sent directly to you within 48-72 hours. ** 

** Individual Lab Result(s) reporting can be delayed dependent upon the lab(s) requested.

** Individual Lab Result(s) should be followed up by a Physician or APRN/PA for interpretation of the result(s). AR Journey Lab, LLC does not provide interpretation of result(s).  
** Individual Lab Request(s) will be Cash-Pay Only. 


Rapid Test Results

Our team can perform various Rapid Test(s) with or without a Physician or APRN/PA order(s), which include all of the following (*) / (**):

- Influenza A & B 
- Strep
- SARD-CoV-2 Antibody (pervious infection IgG and current infection IgM)
- Urinalysis
- Lipid Panel
- Hemoglobin 
- Hemoglobin A1c (Hgb A1c)

* Rapid Test Result(s) with a Physician or APRN/PA order will be sent the ordering Provider once available. Insurance will be billed with orders only.

** Individual Rapid Test Result(s) should be followed up by a Physician or APRN/PA for interpretation of the result(s). AR Journey Lab, LLC does not provide interpretation of result(s).
** Individual Rapid Test Request(s) will be Cash-Pay Only. 


Paternity Testing (DNA)

​​​Paternity testing is available with competitive pricing. The child does not have to come at the same time as the alleged father. Different types are offered including for grandparents and siblingship. ​Other DNA testing include ancestry and for immigration purposes.


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